The Cubo Group presents Rhubarb: Fresh takes on the modern world

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Some text: Our first debate, can marketing keep your brand immune to your competitors' innovations?

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Fresh takes on the modern world

As well as a yum ingredient for desserts, rhubarb is natter, chatter and debate. So it felt perfect for our new series of discussions on the world around us.

Rhubarb #1 was an intriguing delve into the concept of 'brand immunity'.

We investigated the attitudes of 200 marketing and finance decision makers, with some very interesting findings.

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The accompanying event went into further detail, which you can read more about here. Our panel came from a wide range of sectors and gave us some great perspectives – from the reality of today’s ‘new consumers’ to the danger of gaps in your brand story.

Now, how immune is your brand?

As well as letting you explore our research, we can also help you gauge how immune your brand is, and start finding potential solutions. We call it a ‘What If? Workout’.

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Many thanks to our panel: Sophie Gallois from The Gin Club, Andrew Pemberton from Crown Commercial Services, Rachel Powney from Oath and Santiago Solimei from Melia Hotels