The Legend of Aberlour

Driving awareness of Aberlour was critical to achieving growth, but this needed to be tailored by our insight that malt whisky enthusiasts relish the chance to discover and share something new. We aimed to engage & inform consumers through enlightened discovery.

post-launch visits increased by over 1,000% in the first 8 months


The core strategic challenge was to build awareness by establishing Aberlour as the most desirable ‘artisanal’ single malt on the market. We needed to do this by reinforcing the brands core values of skilled craftsmanship and prestige, whilst enabling consumers to discover the ‘hidden gem’ for themselves.

Brand Reality

Outside of its French heartland, Aberlour was relatively unknown. The brand has an integrity and quiet confidence which is appealing to discerning drinkers seeking the less obvious choice…but only once they know about it.


We developed the brand strategy, and created the Aberlour Legend, leveraging local history and geography, to create a personality and tone of voice for Aberlour, literally translated as ‘the mouth of the chattering burn’. This was used as an anchor to bring the brand’s global digital communications to life, enabling consumers to take their own journey of discovery. They became informed and enlightened over time as they built a rich, engaging relationship with the brand…one they could enjoy and share. The Legend also acted as a platform for internal communications and the later work we were commissioned to do. In the first 8 months post-launch visits increased by 1,166%, the English pages in Google index increased by 266% and dwell time improved by 8%.