“Designing a new bottle inspired by Andy Warhol is a fantastic initiative for the Absolut brand on a massive scale. Cubo understood the challenge to push the boundaries of the usual in-store formats, to not only engage the UK shopper, but to exemplify the brand’s association with art.”

Nicole Watkins, Senior Customer Marketing Manager

making global platforms relevant for local shoppers


Our challenge was to take the global brand partnership between Absolut and Andy Warhol and make it relevant to UK off trade shoppers, by finding innovative and creative in-store display formats and promotions that befitted such an iconic artist. There was a need to focus efforts on recruiting advocates to help maintain its iconic status.

Brand Reality

The artistic Warhol association helps to position the brand in the minds of the bullseye target audience, however we also need to make it resonate with shoppers in a Burnley supermarket on a wet Wednesday! In that environment, people are primarily looking for new and interesting drinks that are easy to make at home without costing too much - this can be difficult to deliver meaningfully with realistic in-store promotional budgets.


To encourage and inspire consumers to create and share Absolut drinks at home, and impress with their bartending skills, we developed tailor-made promotions built around the basic tools of the art of cocktail making. Always popular as a gift with purchase, we upgraded jiggers, shakers and recipes from the norm by applying a stylish Warhol inspired look and feel, ensuring they stood out both on-shelf and at home with bespoke designed 3D displays..