Too Good To Hide

What Was The Brand's Problem?

Ballantine’s is globally famous for its blended whiskies, but little is known of the Single Malts that make the blend so renowned.

Ballantine’s boldly released 3 of the Speyside malts individually, an unprecedented offering,
but difficult to explain to an audience with a basic knowledge of whisky.

How Did Cubo Outsmart The Problem?

Whisky fans love the revelations and legends behind their favourite drinks, so we opened the doors to let them in on fantastic secrets that were ‘Too Good to Hide’.

We trawled the archives to uncover the stories which painted each distillery’s personality.
Then we conveyed our stories with magic and grandeur, using a distinctive CGI world that broke category norms, to reveal these special secrets from The House of Ballantine’s.

What Was The Impact Of Our Work?

The campaign is still fresh, but early signs are promising! It’s been received with wide-eyed approval by local markets, particularly key Asian ones (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China).

The Swedish market loved the idea so much they recreated our magical world at a tasting event in an abandoned nuclear reactor in Stockholm.

We look forward to seeing how Too Good To Hide impacts around the world.