More to play for

Betfair had too many rival apps.
It was time for a local derby.


The Problem

Aggressive, short-term promotions mean betting companies have flighty users who constantly switch between accounts. How could we show that Betfair was the brand they should stick with?

The Outsmarting

Our ‘More to play for’ TV campaign gave Betfair the right to own football betting. We took matchday truths head on, by playing on the fact that while City fans might despise United, they’re more than happy to stick a fiver on them winning.

The campaign used a variety of situations where fans enjoyed rivals succeeding, telling a story that was light-hearted, insightful and effective. After all, even a Fulham fan wouldn’t deny that Chelsea are pretty likely to bag all 3 points…

The Outcome

Our campaign nailed an impressive treble:

£20million boost to revenue

725,000 acquisitions, beating targets by over 20%

43% spontaneous recognition, beating sector average of 35%