Bio Oil

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. In a sector where consumers are notoriously sceptical of brands’ claims, Bio-Oil is a natural ‘hero brand’ that its users love to talk about. As a result they don’t need to shout, just provide the tools for other people to talk about them. Our on-going brief was to maximise their highly supportive fan base in digital and social, whilst further strengthening their category leading position.

6 week KPI target reached in just 4 days


We wanted to find a way to thank our brand advocates, encouraging them to recommend and share Bio-Oil, without getting into the intimate details of their product usage or breaking any of the tight legal restrictions that cover the marketing of skincare products.

Brand Reality

In past campaigns, we had seen that a sole focus on product usage could create quite a negative appearance on Bio-Oil’s Facebook page, as the majority of the content shared will be on subjects like accidents, injuries and challenging skin conditions.


We enabled Bio-Oil fans to thank people that had helped them through a difficult time, like recovering from an operation. Our Facebook app allowed them to share stylish public messages of thanks, with the top weekly stories receiving flowers and a bottle of Bio-Oil. With a 3 million reach, word quickly spread and over 2,500 people received a big thank you.