Costa Express

Champions of the early start

To sell hot drinks in cold months, we gave people a nice warm feeling

The problem

The cold winter months are a crucial sales period for big coffee brands. How could we drive footfall between December and February?

The outsmarting

There’s a forgotten workforce out there, who get up early to keep Britain moving. So we celebrated these grafters with a joined-up push across the media they’d encounter on the way to work: roadside posters, POS, radio and geo-targeted mobile ads in Satnav: all driven by a single, compelling idea.

We recast Costa coffee as a new kind of ‘fuel’: powering the country’s hardest workers through Britain’s toughest season. When these unsung heroes need great coffee most, Costa Express comes to their rescue.

The results

Facebook ads had recall rate of 9.88% (industry average 5%)

Radio ads had listen through rate of 94% (industry average 90%)

“These are crucial months for sales. Your idea didn’t just deliver the boost we were looking for, it created a lasting platform for our brand. The smart use of channels was extremely effective.” Costa Express