De Montfort University

This is not...

Prospective university students have to wade through a sea of almost identical material to find the university that’s right for them. We needed to create a strategy for DMU that helped them stand out from typical marketing tactics and reflect their ethos and attitude as one of the most contemporary, forward-thinking universities in the UK. Our challenge was to create a recruitment campaign distinctive from competing universities, even when presenting topics that many others can claim, making it striking and unforgettable.

“This is Not…’ is an innovative, multi-channel marketing campaign designed to capture the attention of prospective students, key influencers and stakeholders, both to boost recruitment and to raise brand awareness in a broader sense."

Melanie Fowler, Director of Marketing and Communications

2015/16 applications increased by 7 times the sector average


We needed to create a new brand position for DMU, one that could deliver a memorable recruitment campaign which stood out with an original, relevant tone of voice. We needed to raise awareness for them on a wider scale amongst an audience who are accustomed to standard recruitment tactics.

Brand Reality

Most university recruitment material looks the same - smiling students on a picturesque campus. Prospective students have to somehow differentiate between institutions as they make one of the most important decisions of their life. They often end up ignoring the university messaging and basing their choice on their own research.


We wanted to contribute to prospective students on an emotional level, reflecting how DMU is different. We showed that the university understands their point of view and appreciates the difficulty of their decision, in a campaign that actively demonstrates who DMU are as well as what they do.