Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts, the UK's third most popular coffee brand, operates in a highly competitive market, behind bigger spending competitors Nescafé and Kenco. By our client's own admission, the world of instant coffee is never going to be the most exciting of places. For most shoppers, it’s a purchase that barely even registers as they drop their usual jar straight into the basket. So we like to try and do things that are a bit more interesting than the usual monotonous coffee marketing out there.

45,000 new Facebook fans


Douwe Egberts asked us to launch their core range of ‘Pure Gold’ instant coffees on Facebook, where many of their competitors were already active. They were particularly keen to highlight the benefits of their re-usable glass jars.

Brand Reality

As a longstanding premium instant coffee, Douwe Egberts had built up a loyal audience of older, more discerning consumers. Our research found that they were likely to share a broad interest in local causes – charities, community groups, coffee mornings and so on.


To inspire and support our audience, we created a Facebook app which offered small local charities the chance to win £10k funding. We gave people the means to publicise their causes with posters and plenty of social assets to share. The response on Facebook was enormous, delivering an impressive 45,000 fans.