The sports nutrition market is long established. Our job was to launch and gain early credibility for a new brand called Elivar. Their products are formulated specifically for active endurance sports participants, aged over 35 – a category that has never existed before, as competitor brands failed to recognise the needs of older athletes. To raise awareness of this new innovation, our work spanned brand development, advertising, consumer activation, digital, CRM, PR, sponsorship and social.

Informing athletes about a new product, whilst usefully enabling them to try it themselves.


Launch a completely new form of sports nutrition – which offers a new type of contribution - in an established market where most consumers are already very comfortable with their current programme.

Brand Reality

35+ athletes may not be as fast as they once were, but they certainly don’t see themselves as getting old. They won’t take kindly to a brand patronizing them about this, even though they may joke about it amongst themselves. Convincing athletes to switch their nutrition system is always easier when they try it, or see others benefiting from its use.


Our launch activity aimed to amplify the product’s unique contribution to endurance athletes, by adopting the self-deprecating tone of our audience. This ensured that the product quickly got into the right people’s hands so they could try and talk about it.