What makes brands
stickier in the mind?

Everyone knows the obvious answers here – aim for fame in your advertising through stand-out creativity, emotional resonance and salient signposting. But recent thinking from big brains like Byron Sharp has begun to show that there’s even more to it than this – more deep-rooted, underlying, covert ways that brands get stuck in your head.

Through our Headspace programme, created in partnership with The Centre for Brand Analysis, we glimpsed inside consumers’ brains, and uncovered an exciting missing strategic link in the way that people engage with brands. It’s the deeper reason why some brands automatically jump to mind and prompt engagement, while others never do. Understanding this stickiness helps us to increase what
we now call a brand’s Headspace.

After researching a range of different sectors, our findings have led us to new ways of creating marketing campaigns across all channels, which place brands more directly into people’s heads.

So if you’d like to hear some of the clever things you could be doing to grow your brand creatively, without growing your budgets, then call Abbie Wood on 02076121111 or email Abbie@cubo.com.