Ballantine's Finest

How You Like


What Was The Brand's Problem?

Ballantine’s needed to shake the preconception that whisky was for older gentlemen to sip on Chesterfields. Our task: To break down conventional serve rules, making whisky accessible to a new wave of drinkers around the world.

How Did Cubo Outsmart The Problem?

Inspired by over 140k #Ballantine’s posts, we saw younger fans across the world already enjoying Ballantine’s their unique way. We created a campaign to tap into this real behaviour and celebrate it, using it to inspire others to drink Ballantine’s #HOWYOULIKE.

We seamlessly combined the best UGC submitted, with footage captured by local directors across 4 continents on mobiles and hand-held cameras to create a relatable, aspirational film.

What Was The Impact Of Our Work?

- Seeding the campaign with micro influencer content we reached over 1.4m, totaling over 45k likes and comments; doubling Ballantine’s average engagement.

- So far the wider campaign has been well received by local markets around the world and we look forward to seeing how it grows.