SeaWorld Parks

Go Wild

We have been the lead agency for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment in the UK and Irish markets for over 19 years. Our compelling creative aims to convince holidaymakers that their Florida parks are "must see" attractions. Cubo's fully integrated team work above, below and through the line, operating a micro sales and marketing team that mirrors the client's US functions.

Increasing revenue for 20 consecutive years


We know Florida holidays are not decisions that families take lightly, it is a big responsibility that they can’t afford to get wrong. Could we do something to help them make the right choice?

Brand Reality

SeaWorld Parks have a highly active UK fan-base, many of whom visit the parks year-on-year. They provide us with an opportunity to reassure and guide potential visitors in their own words, rather than the brand’s.


As part of our integrated role we developed a virtual park planner, filled with ride reviews, photos and videos posted by previous visitors, so unsure families could read real opinions from people just like them, and make their own minds up with confidence. Plus, when choosing rides and attractions it highlighted the right ticket to buy, thereby eliminating any confusion.