Sports Podge 2016

World Cup 66

Sports Podge is an annual event offering prominent members within the UK sporting industry the opportunity to network, without any of the pretence that can surround big corporate events. Sports Podge has no speeches, no selling, no auctions, it’s just the opportunity for colleagues to meet in a formal yet convivial setting.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary since England won the World Cup


Each year Sports Podge takes on a different sporting theme, and in 2016 this was World Cup 66, the 50th anniversary since England won the world cup. We were tasked with creating a fun and engaging design concept to roll out across range of event collateral.

Brand Reality

Most networking events involve a focal point, a catalyst that starts the conversation, in some cases this is a guest speaker, in others it’s a silent auction, at Sports Podge it’s neither. Sports Podge is unique in its ability to give people with a professional sporting background – be it business and/or participation - the chance to network within a fun, enjoyable and relaxed environment. We knew we had to develop creative that emphasised this philosophy, subtly adding to the event whilst leaving memorable impressions.


We developed the visual concepts and tonality for the event comms. This brought the event to life when translated across digital design, event collateral. Clever use of World Cup 66 terms weaved into communications enhanced the light heartedness of the occasion and immersed the guests in World Cup 66.