Yeo Valley

The real yeo valley


What Was The Brand's Problem

Yeo Valley had lost its No 1 spot in the yoghurt market. They needed work that would drive sales, as well as giving their brand a fresh injection of distinctiveness.

How Did Cubo Outsmart The Problem?

We started with 5 days of immersion: focus groups, taste tests and retail visits. But real inspiration came from our road trip, with the beauty of the Valley itself.

So we played off the idea of discovering the real Yeo Valley – our brand idea. And if you can’t make it? You’ll find us in the yoghurt aisle – the activation.

In just six weeks, we went from getting on the pitch list to running work. Media spaces were mainly digital 6-sheets outside supermarkets, and retailer magazines, allowing us to play the brand and activation ideas off each other.

What Was The Impact Of Our Work?

- An adaptable idea has allowed us to go across a range of media

- By working closely with the media agency, we could make the most of every opportunity