Travel Junction

Beach Hop

Going on holiday is exciting; booking one usually isn’t. That’s the insight behind, a new online travel provider whose brand we helped to create and launch. Their bold ambition to contribute to people’s booking experience will take time to fully achieve, so our challenge for the launch was to convey their desire to be different to consumers. We needed to demonstrate their love of travel by doing something no other travel site was doing.

Entertaining holidaymakers online with a completely different launch approach.


We were tasked to drive brand awareness with a cold audience who are generally indifferent to online travel providers. As a new challenger in a crowded market, our launch activity had to deliver something disruptive and unconventional to stand a chance against the big budgets of our established competitors.

Brand Reality

Most travel brands are boring. They offer the same deals on dull sites and they promote them using the same pictures of palm trees and pools. People generally aren’t very interested, even if they love travelling.


We decided to offer consumers something different – entertainment. So we created Beach Hop, a game of luck where players place towels on a virtual beach destination. The closest to the winning spot each week gets to visit that beach for real, courtesy of