48 hours of freedom

How we made staycations essential for a new generation.

The problem

For the majority of 20-25 year-olds in the UK - many raised on a diet of cheap flights, gap years and package trips abroad - the YHA is well off the radar. How could we inspire them to enjoy youth hostelling in good old blighty?

The outsmarting

Our content-led campaign took a group of friends and equipped them with Go-Pro cameras. We sent them off to have as much fun as they could in a weekend, while staying at YHA hostels. It proved how much you could cram into 48 hours of freedom.

They created a range of fun videos all round the UK. From the wild coasts of Cornwall to the hipster streets of London, we showed that time well-spent doesn’t have to mean budgets completely-blown.

The results

419,519 video views in one month

Our series of online videos was seeded across a wide audience, and backed up with a display campaign – all of which drove viewers to the YHA booking site. Whether you head for the bright lights of a city or wild nights by the coast, incredible opportunities are just a few clicks away.