Some will feel it

Everyone knows the established order in drinks. The alcoholic ones are sophisticated and complex in flavour. All the others are 'soft' and overly sweet. The there's Zeo – non-alcoholic yet complex, and unlike anything you've tried before. We helped develop ZEO from its core brand positioning through to a high profile integrated launch to the London on-trade market.

121 Zeo Nights | 60 million impacts | 1000 hours content | £17m investment


Challenge the established order by launching a completely new concept in the drinks market.

Brand Reality

People have a natural hunger for new experiences, and a premium adult soft drink that acts like an alcoholic one is both mysterious and intriguing.


Cubo was instrumental in bringing ZEO to the UK market successfully. Working closely with the client in the truest definition of partnership to develop both integrated communication and commercial strategies for the brand.